Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reaching For Nothing

There's only air in my reach
as my arms extend in front of me.
No other shadow, but my own
for as far as I can see.
You didn't say goodbye.
You never have before.
Stricken with lonliness, deeper this time
effecting my mind, my soul, my core.
I stare at the path you made
when you left me in your dust. 
It's fading quicker now
taking with it, my trust.
I reach out to you
foolish move, for you have gone
chasing the first gem
who unknowingly came along.
I'm reaching, but nothing is there.
Holding on to something intangible
something stripped so bare.
Time eventually heals the pain. 
A new watchful eye and cautious heart,
but scars still remain.
I begin to push aside the memories.
I'm coming to my own.
You left behind the flawed diamond
all the while you were collecting stones.
A sudden flash to my past as I see you standing there.
My confidence doesn't alter,
my shine making it hard not to share.
You step closer now to take another glance.
I wave goodbye and hurry away
as you've already had your chance.
Realizing what was lost, you try to reconcile.
You reach out, but nothing's there
I've been gone for awhile. 

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